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Пособия для обучения знаменной и киевской нотации, богослужебные песнопения.
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First, here is a few words about this site's name.

'D'yach'e oko', or 'Psalt's eye' (otherwise - 'Stikhirar', collection of Stikhira's) is a name of one of the chant books, being in use in Old Russia. Scribes have frequently placed following lines in the title of 'Oko': 'those who think to accomplish Church singing without this, are wandering in darkness'. 'D'yach'e oko' contained annual circle of Church chants including those of Triodion, Oktoihos, Hirmologion, Festal chants and Stichiras of saints.

On this site you can see some materials on Old-Russian Church singing. You can find here tutorials for learning Old-Russian chant notation - 'kruki' (hooks) as well.

There are also some examples of 'znamenniy' chants on the site. Music is both with notes and kruki.

At the bottom of the main page you will find links in English to the basic sections of the site.

Anything else but the main page is not translated from Russian yet.

A free interactive tutorial for learning 'znamenniy' notation Kruk tutor 0.2 b is available for download. Here is 'Bukvar' and 'Kokiznik' in one shell, with general interface in the form of 'pulldown' menu and a convinient installer.

   Download!(4,1 Mb).

To get fully functional tutorial, please install Macromedia Flash player

Bukvar and Kokiznik are also available separately:

Bukvar in archive (865 Kb, rar).

Kokiznik (collection of melodic phrases, 'popevka's) in archive (2,8 Mb, rar).

Bukvar is also available on-line:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Znamenny chant

Useful links

Lives of Russian saints (in brief) who had revealed special love for the Old Church singing.

Neumatic font Kalashnikov with macros for MSWord. (rar, 56 Kb). Unfortunately it doesn't always work well.

To the conference on Znamenny chant and Old Russian Rite.

News of the Liturgical society:

We'd like to express special thanks to a team of Vechern'aya Pesn'' who has kindly offered us help and technical support.

Drop us a line!

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